Tested Configurations

The following table lists MCUs and boards with their level of testing in . The following symbols are used:
This configuration has been tested successfully.
This configuration has not been tested yet, but is expected to work by analogy with another configuration.
This configuration has not been tested yet. It is possible that it would work.
This configuration could be made to work, but would require extra code that has not been written yet.
This configuration is not supported by the underlying MCU.
This configuration cannot work due to the design of the board.
If you have tested any of these configurations, and obtained results beyond those in the table (results for configurations not listed; successful test or failure of configurations marked ✓ or ❔) or, of course, contradicting the table (failure of ✅ or success of ╳⭕❌), I'd appreciate if you reported your results on the Github issue tracker or by e-mail to microtherion at gmail dot com


The following development boards should be usable as programmers (i.e. to execute the sketch):
Arduino Uno
Arduino DuemilanovePin compatible with Uno
Arduino DiecimilaPin compatible with Uno
Arduino Micro
Arduino LeonardoPin compatible with Micro
Arduino MegaPin compatible with Mega 2560.
Arduino Mega 2560
There are many other boards that are basically pin compatible with the standard Arduino, and it's likely that any board with an ATmega168 or ATmega328, standard Arduino pinout, and pins 2-13 and A0-A5 available would work, but I will only list further variants if I have concrete test results to go by.

Board Targets

The following development boards can be reprogrammed using :
Arduino UnoXTAL1 not available, so no HVPP
Arduino MicroXTAL1 not available, so no HVPP
Arduino MegaISP designed to work, but not tested.
Arduino Mega 2560ISP designed to work, but not tested.
SanguinoISP designed to work, but not tested.
DigisparkRESET disabled, so no ISP.

MCU Targets

The following MCUs can be reprogrammed using . With rare exceptions, I have only tested MCUs available in DIP packages, although there is no technical reason why others would not work.
ATtiny4/5/9/106 pins
ATtiny858 pins
ATtiny45/25/13Pin compatible with ATtiny85
ATtiny8414 pins
ATtiny44/24Pin compatible with ATtiny84
ATtiny86120 pins
ATtiny461/261/26Pin compatible with ATtiny861
ATtiny431320 pins
ATtiny2313Pin compatible with ATtiny4313
ATtiny163420 pin SOIC
ATtiny43u20 pin SOIC
ATtiny88/4828 pins
ATmega32828 pins
ATmega48/88/168Pin compatible with ATmega328
ATmega128440 pins
ATmega164/324/644Pin compatible with ATmega1284
ATmega32u444 pin TQFP
ATmega2560100 pin TQFP; would need to find board w/o external clock to test HVPP.