High Voltage Serial Programming

HVSP is the high voltage protocol for 8- and 14-pin ATtiny MCUs.

Connecting your Standard Arduino

HVSP requires 7 signals (including power and ground), as shown in this illustration. For High Voltage programming, the timing of the power pin matters, so it is software controlled through the SVCC pin, rather than simply through the 5V pin of the Arduino. The HVRESET a.k.a. ⚡️RESET⚡️ signal is used to control one of the circuits shown in the High Voltage programming section to generate the 12V signal to be applied to RESET pin of the target microcontroller. The other signals go directly to the target microcontroller.

Connecting your Target Microcontroller

The HVSP signals need to be connected to the corresponding signals on your target microcontroller / board. Details for each target are discussed in the Connection Diagrams chapter.