Tiny Programming Interface

If you're ever interested in programming the ATtiny4/5/9/10 family of MCUs, you'll need to use the Tiny Programming Interface (TPI).

Connecting your Arduino

The illustration on the right shows connections for an Arduino Uno, see the Connection Diagrams chapter for other boards.

TPI requires 5 signals (including power and ground), as shown in this illustration. One convenient feature of TPI is that it can equally be used as a low voltage protocol, with the RESET pin connected directly to the MCU, or as a high voltage protocol, with RESET generating a +12V signal to apply to the MCU (as usual, refer to the High Voltage Programming section for suitable arrangements to generate a +12V signal).

Connecting your Target Microcontroller

The pin arrangement for your MCU is shown on the right. Wrangling a SOT-23 part is left as an exercise to the reader.